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Feel free to browse through these pages for more information on topics ranging from the benefits of Myofascial Release and massage therapy to ways to increase your awareness in life.  

On Myofascial Release:  

      What is Myofascial Release?

      Myofasical Release - An Introduction To The Patient

      The John F. Barnes  Myofasical Release Approach -- Part 1

      The John F. Barnes  Myofasical Release Approach -- Part 2

      The Inner Journey Guide

      Myofascial Release Healing Theory

      Facilitating a Patient's Therapeutic Process

      Benefits of Myofasical Release -- Craniosacral Therapy Explained

      Myofascial Release - The "Missing Link" In Your treatment

      Myofascial Release -- The Scientifc Rationale

      The Basic Science of Myofasical Release -- Part 1

      The Basic Science of Myofasical Release -- Part 2



      Therapeutic Pain

      Flight, Fight, Freeze

On Massage Therapy:

     Massage Benefits Hospitalized Cancer Patients

     Massage Is Effective In Alleviating Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness Caused By Eccentric Exercise

     Massage Reduces Dancers' Stress, Helps Range Of Motion


I have read all of the following books and highly recommend them. Please investigate them further to see if they may be helpful to you by clicking on the links below for more information.  

Healing Ancient Wounds: The Renegade's Wisdom   by John F. Barnes

A Patient's Guide to Understanding Myofasical Release   by Cathy Covell

The Power of Now   by Eckhart Tolle

Waking the Tiger:  Healing Trauma   by Peter A. Levine

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives   by Michael Newton

The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe   by Lynne McTaggart

Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook   by Jeanne Marie Martin

Myofascial Stretching   by Jill Stredonsky Morton and Brenda Pardy

DeJarnette Pelvic Blocks  - Helps to balance the pelvis.

NolaRola   - Helps to alleviate muscle pain caused by spasm and stress by improving soft tissue mobility.

Sacro-Wedgy   - Elevates, cradles, and stabilizes the sacrum, relieving back and hip pain. 

Body Back Buddy - Its unique design allows the user to relieve those hard to reach tender points. A minimal amount of movement and effort is required for an effective treatment.

Foam Roller   - A versatile tool used for self-spine mobilization, enhancing coordination, improving core stability and posture, decreasing soft tissue tightness, and assisting in stretching and strengthening exercises.

The Great Foam Roller Handbook   - A great little guide, with pictures, explaining the different strenghtening, stretching, core stability and self-massage exercises that you can do with your foam roller.

4" & 3" Sportime All-Ball   - Facilitates soft tissue mobilization in a home self-treatment program.

Still Point Inducer  -Helps to relieve headaches and pain in the upper neck muscles 

*PLEASE NOTE: I now sell all of the self-care tools listed above at the clinic except for the NolaRola and the DeJarnette Pelvic Blocks. Please call for pricing and stock availability.

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